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Wolf Hunter #1
Written and artwork by: Scott Scarborough

Based on the universe of the 2001 indie horror classic, The Wolf Hunter, directed by Matt Hoffman and released by Dayton, Ohio’s Independent B Movie.

Release date: Fall 2016





Adventure Man #1


Written by: Jeremy Hoyt
Artwork by: Jeff Potter

Based on the 80s knock-off toy, Adventure Man springs to life to defeat evil in all its forms.

Release date: Winter 2017  



defenders01covercolorbannerDefenders of the Planets #1

Written by: Matt Brassfield
Artwork by: Jason Young

The struggle between the noble Orion and the evil Zardoom begins in this comic series based on the 80s knock-off toy line.

Release date: Spring 2017



15977103_10211688089900444_1658340540967128927_nUnknown Creatures #1

Written and artwork by: Damien Brunk

In this first issue of our series exploring cryptozoology creatures, we take a look at West Virginia’s Flatwoods Monster.

Release date: TBA 2017


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